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Dawn Of War 40K style building

Here are better images from my previous one.

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4 Responses to “Dawn Of War 40K style building”
  1. Posts: 208
    hawkeye134 says:

    Its coming along well :) I like the eagle design on the door. Did you use the cut tool, splines or booleans?

  2. Posts: 1026
    a.cangelosi says:

    I like it too, it is going in the right way, maybe you need a little bit more smoothing with more polys in some area, and some details on the object edges, but I really like it. Good job !

  3. Posts: 8

    The door I did using a technique I picked up from eat3D using planes to quickly shape out the initial shapes then extruding the depth that I needed, splines would work exactly the same but I didn’t want to use filet to achieve some of the round edges I let turbosmooth do that for me. Most of the objects have turbo smooth turned off to save on performance, I need to take them into zbrush to sculpt the details I want to add then bring them back as normal maps. Still have a lot to learn especially when it comes to High res to low res projection. Thanks for the replies through I will most likely add some more renders as soon as I have done some sculpting. 😛

    • Posts: 208
      hawkeye134 says:

      In the end it was the good old plane sculpt and extrude technique. That’s the beauty of Max, there’s always multiple ways of achieving what you want. Yes the high res to low res bake is something I need to learn as well. Keep up the good work Tumblingweed :)

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