Course: Desert Explosion with FumeFX

In this video tutorial for 3ds max, we’ll start working on a new tutorial course. We’ll create a desert like environment using simple primitives as planes, then we’ll create a desert shader using the Arch&Design material with some procedural maps and we’ll prepare it to be rendered with Mental Ray. We’ll prepare the lighting setup using MR Sun and MR Sky, with some adjustment to give it
a desert look. We’ll start to create a basic explosion setup with the 1st shock wave layer. We’ll use Particle Flow to give it the basic smoke/dust movement and prepare our 1st simulation.


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3 Responses to “Desert Explosion with FumeFX”
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    Hey i was wondering how would i get fumefx to cast shadows on the floor ?

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    3drako says:

    Hi! the links are downloading a wrong tutorial, Can you check, please?

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      Wes Burke says:

      Hey there – sorry about that. I’ve updated the links on the lessons in the course to have the relevant source file. Thanks for the heads up!

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