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Human skin with VRay


In this video for 3ds max we’ll talk about Sub-surface scattering related to human skin rendering using a 3D head scan model done by  Lee Perry-Smith from Infinite Realities Ltd and VRay.

What we’ll do

In Human skin with VRay we’ll prepare a photoreal human head starting from a scan model, so we’ll prepare the model checking it, and finding best way to manage it to add details and avoid artifacts. Then we’ll prepare a rendering setup with VRay, and we’ll tune a material using the VRayFastSSS2 shader. We’ll use some textures captured during scanning and we’ll add all other maps using some color correction and composite in the material editor.

Human_1 Human_2 Human_3 Human_4 Human_5 Human_6

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7 Responses to “Human skin with VRay”
  1. Posts: 1
    pramodcb says:

    Nice Tut, Thanks 😀 It would have been better if you had explained in depth what each parameter does in Vray Fast SSS 2…… Also, it will be nice if you mention the difference between Fast SSS and Fast SSS 2….. Hope you mention these in the next tutorial 😀

    Thank You :)

    • Posts: 1026
      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi, we’ll do more tutorials related to VRayFastSSS, so we’ll talk more in depth about every single parameter 😉

  2. Posts: 5
    Marc Andres says:

    Hi Alessandro,
    Very very interesting tut, and very useful for me. I recently follow the “Stan Lee” tutorial for the skin shader with vray sss2. Your method is maybe a litle more easy to follow and understand, but both uses a vray blend material for reflections and specularity. I do not understand very well why…
    Is possible, in the future, put hair in the head, with “hair and fur”? in this moment is a nightmare for me…
    Congratulations for the tut, and thank you very much

  3. Posts: 7
    Joe Laffey says:

    Interesting tutorial. Are you using the default gamma 2.2 linear workflow? I noticed you had the sRGB button turned off in VRay’s VFB. I think this why your renders were dark and you had to add gamma to the textures… That button is easy to miss, but luckily Chaos made it default to on n the latest VRay 2.x.

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