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Advanced particle manipulation


In this video for 3ds max, we’ll start to talk about some more complex stuff related to particles management in Particle Flow. We’ll take a look at some basic concept about the Box #3 from Orbaz, now part of 3ds max 2014 and called Advanced data manipulation. It will be useful to manipulate particles in a really deep way accessing to a lot of powerful tools.

What we’ll do

In Advanced particle manipulation video we’ll start talking about the Box #3/Advanced data manipulation, and to understand how it works we’ll see some basic nodes able to catch information from scene objects, texture colors, and using it to manipulate particle position, scaling, rotation and animation. We’ll talk about basic knownledge to understand the Data operator workflow and we’ll see how to use mathematical functions and noises too.





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6 Responses to “Advanced particle manipulation”
  1. Posts: 20
    alex simpson says:

    What a mess you have on your site?
    There is downloaded from the following link lesson “Photoreal interior with Vray Part9″
    On the page with the lesson “Exclusive: Explosion and debris” there are no download links. :(

  2. Posts: 30
    kickaha says:

    Mr Cangelosi: anothe fine tutorial from you. I use 3ds max 2014 and it has all the PFlow menus necessaary to do this tutorial. It was easy to follow and I completed it in about 45 mins. i had exactly the same results you got and it was plain fun! I can see that this method can be applied to many special effects and plan on using it in my next project incorporating Realflow 2013. Thanks for your efforts and expertise.

    • Posts: 1026
      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi, thanks for your words. You are right, it was just an introduction to Data operator, but this workflow can be used in a lot of fx related projects :) we’ll release more videos about Data operator soon.

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