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Exclusive: Rain system over a car – Advanced


In this Citizen video for 3ds max, we’ll talk again about particle systems trying to simulate a rain system over a car and focusing on more advanced topics.

What we’ll do

In this video we’ll prepare a rain system and we’ll simulate what happens when rain collides with a car body. We’ll use Particle Flow to create basic particle falling down, and to simulate the speed of car movement, we’ll use just a Wind space warp. First part of the rain system will be really simple, because it will just calculate the collision with the car mesh, (using an optimized version to speed up calculation), so if you like to add splashes or something like that, you can check our past tutorials on this topic. Then we’ll simulate what happens when water is on the car moved over its surface by wind and turbulences, simulated by a wind space warp and some additional nodes. Spawning will be useful to simulate water behaviour and to make it moving over the car we’ll use the Speed by surface event. At the end we’ll use Thinkbox Frost to create the rain mesh.


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8 Responses to “Exclusive: Rain system over a car – Advanced”
  1. Posts: 19
    Jack H says:

    I’d better re-new my superscription ;). Can’t wait to watch this one, thanks Alessandro.

    • Posts: 1026
      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks Jack, and it will be a pleasure having you again as a Citizen ! 😉

  2. Posts: 2
    dougmcfly says:

    Hello Alessandro, I certainly will renew my subscription. But I would like to request more Frost tutorials. Your site is amazing and I face registration as an investment. Thanks for all!!!

  3. Posts: 4

    hi cangelosi..
    open your scene.
    but I do not see the same result.
    particles do not touch the car and do not generate a shape.
    (i have 3dsmax 2012, krakatoa ,pfbox3 and frost)

    if you want screenshot?

  4. Posts: 4

    i fixed this..
    If you want to delete my comments np..
    thanks for sharing

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