Tip: 3ds max 2013 Sneak peek 2

Introducing 3ds max 2013 new features

In this video for 3ds max we continue to talk about release 2013. It has been just released so we can start exploring it.

This time we’ll see more things related to viewports and UI. 1st new feature is how to use a gradient as background in the perspective views as seen in Mudbox, we’ll see how to manage it exploring the new viewport background setting panel and how to tune colors. Then we’ll check some new Nitrous features. Nitrous is the real time viewport rendering technology in 3ds max. We’ll see how the skylight can be used as illumination in viewport using the illumination bitmap and its colors to achieve a realistic illumination preview in viewport with HDR images as background and realistic materials as chromic metals with environmental reflections and specularity.

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6 Responses to “Tip: 3ds max 2013 Sneak peek 2”
  1. Posts: 9
    Pavan Rzx says:

    That’s A Really Cool Feature.
    Does Even A Matte/Shadow Material Render In Real Time Like The Chrome Materials And The Shadows?

    • Posts: 1026
      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi, thanks for posting. Actually not but it is something that in the future with iRay in activeshade will be possible.

      • Posts: 9
        Pavan Rzx says:

        Thanks For The Reply!
        And I Like The New iRay Activeshade Feature.Very Handy!
        Are U In The Part Of One Of The Developers For 3ds Max?
        Just Curious!

      • Posts: 1026
        a.cangelosi says:

        Thanks for your posting. No, I’m not part of 3ds max developer…it would be a dream 😉 I’m just part of the beta team 😉

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