Product rendering with iRay


In this new tutorial for 3ds max we are back on rendering and lighting. This time we’ll explore a fast way to prepare a lighting and shading setup to prepare a still image for a possible product presentation exploring product rendering with iRay.

What we’ll do

We’ll work on a basic but effective setup to render a product box using a CGCookie texture just to see how to prepare a good series of material for it.

Lighting rig will be simply based on 3 light sources able to five enough lighting with a good control on shadows and general mood colors with 2 fill lights at right and left side of the box. We’ll use some Arch&Design materials to obtain interesting and realistic results. We’ll use maps on reflection, glossiness and bump using different setup with the material editor color corrector.

With all these simple features and using iRay as rendering engine the result will fast and in hi-quality. This technique can be used with any other engine as Mental ray, VRay or Final Render.

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3 Responses to “Product rendering with iRay”
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    colezero says:

    I have no 3DS Max and it’s a petty that there is no “Non-commercial” or Lite Version for free, but you tutorials are great! I watch you tutorials whether i have no 3DS Max, because the way you teach is great. You’re calm, not hasting and i think that they are easy to follow with great results.

    You Guys from CG Cookie are awesome! Thanks :)

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks ! I think there’s a student license that gives you some months of free license with no cost, but I’m not sure if it still exists. Thanks for following us !!

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