Tip: Krakatoa partitions

Using Krakatoa partitions

In this video for 3ds max we’ll talk again about Krakatoa.

We’ll take a look at a really powerful feature : partitions. A lot of time we need to have a lot of particles in our particle systems to render it with Krakatoa, but it can be a really slow process, so partition can solve it in a fast and simple way. It uses the possibility to access and vary the “seed” values in a lot of parameters to obtain copies of our particle system, so creating a lot of partitions of same particles we can obtain a new particle system with millions and millions of particles just saved on the hard disk. Then, using the PRT Loader, we can load it in the scene and render with Krakatoa in a fast way because we don’t need to use a so complex particle system interacting with our project.

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    I like your krakatoa tutorials, I learn a lot from you I’m going to buy a citizen account in order to reward your work

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    How do you make the particles emit from the ball in that swirly fashion?

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    aammr aammr says:

    really great job thanks alot for this tut but i needly want tuts in magma flow it’s really confused and there isn’t any resources of it in anywhere it is very important & i spent alot of time to understand it but am fail & thanks for second time its my best site cgcookie

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