Tip: iRay background management


In this video for 3ds max we’ll be back to talk about NVidia iRay, trying to see different topics related to iRay background management

iRay background management

In this tip video for 3ds max we’ll talk again about iRay. We’ll see how we can use a bitmap to have environmental reflections and/or illumination created for example using an HDR image, and then we’ll see how we can have different background images, or shadows over the background image, as we can do with Mental Ray using the Matte Shadows shader or the Environment/Reflection background switcher. We’ll use a script, iRay Manager, to avoid using string option written in MAXScript to activate iRay hidden features that are not exposed to the 3ds max UI, so we’ll see how we can play with iRay Background Management with no efforts.

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