Tip: Introducing Maxwell Render

In this video for 3ds max we’ll introduce a new series of tutorials related to Maxwell Render. We’ll see how to download a demo version, (usable for 30 days), how to install it with plugins for 3ds max. Then we’ll discover which packages we can use as standalone and as internal tools and we’ll take a look at how to approach to render a simple test scene.

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5 Responses to “Tip: Introducing Maxwell Render”
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    waseem says:

    than x for this great tutorials in this great site you really great man

    i just want advise from you how to range my time to learn more and more

    how to manage my time like you did ??

    and i hope soon to see some tut about naiad because is more faster than real flow

    and sorry for my English

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi, thanks for following us and for your words. Naiad tutorial we’ll be released soon, we’ll start talking about it in our Ocean and Fluids Citizen series for the moment. Talking about how to manage timing in learning, it is not a simple question, but what I can say is that you have to focus on steps, I mean, you need to learn the package in general, then you need to know basically how to model, how to light a scene, how to prepare simple shaders, how to texture objects, how to render…then you have to choose your preferred topics, for example if you like FXs, then you have to focus your time on particles, fluids, etc etc, or if you like to shade and render, you have to focus time on lighting, shaders, materials, rendering engines, etc etc.

      If you have more questions please contact me again 😉

      P.S. Your english is ok ! Don’t worry !!! 😉

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