Tire dust with FumeFX

In this video for 3ds max we’ll take a look at how we can add a dust/sand effect moved by a car tire using FumeFX and Particle Flow. We’ll use a tire model, then we’ll animate it with simple link and wire parameters to a dummy, adding a simple expression to control its rotation, and then we’ll start adding a PFlow emitter to create particle under the tire. These particles will be used as source for FumeFX, so we’ll create it linked to the tire to optimize voxel space and calculation. Then we’ll start working at the basic setup adding some dynamic properties as collision, wind force, turbulence etc etc. In Part 2, we’ll finalize the look and dynamic to obtain final animation.

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    Hi Sir Very Beautiful & Great Tutorials Thanks ,And Plz Make Sparks Tutorials Heavy Sparks,Metal Sparks et And Also Plz Make Train Locomotive Engine Smoke Heavy Smoke,Plz Its A Request Plz Sir

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi, thanks for your message and thanks for your suggestions, we’ll add all these tutorials to our plan !

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    Garriy says:

    If there was a car with all its Parts So, That would be Better!
    Cause, Fumefx is Basically a Dynamic Plugin, So, When the smoke Moves it will
    Dynamicaly Move Around!!

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi, thanks for posting and thanks for the suggestion. I used just the tire to be faster to setup and simulate it. But in the future we’ll see a more in depth tutorial to see how to work with it when you have an entire scene set with car and environment.

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    yaya says:

    hello cangelosi…!! ur have great tutor’s,, omg, i see ur have a plungis realfow renderkit, can u make it thats tutor’s, i mean’s how to used renderkit on 3ds_max.. cause i’m realy confuse to used rederkit, when i done making file on realflow for hybrido and then i want to used rederkit add 3ds_max.. hear about issue imposible to used rederkit on 3ds_max….!!

    so i hope ur making a little basic and intermidate to used rederkit on 3ds_max… ^_^

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi, thanks for posting. We’ll release some videos related to RenderKit for sure. Stay tuned for it.

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        yaya says:

        thank’s cangelosi!! i will be waitting here for to see ur a tutors renderkit RF for 3ds_max and then i hope to see soon ur are tutor’s R.kit RF..,,{^_^}!!

        plizz,,help me out to used R.kit!!
        {^___Bravo team Max cookies___^}

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        a.cangelosi says:

        Thanks to your for the support. Renderkit tutorials are coming really soon ! 😉

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    Hello guys.
    Please help me, I can’t animate my wheel. At first I link all like you, than I turn on Auto Key, go to last frame, position my dummy (with linked wheel). I have two keys (on first frame and last one). When I turn off Auto Key and play animation – nothing happened. Please help me!)

    P.S. Sorry to my English, I’m from Ukraine.

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    a.cangelosi says:

    Hi again, I just checked your scene, the problem is that you have the tire dummy and the tire with a “Float wire” controller on the X Position and Y Position, please remove it, re-assign a bezier float and then re-do all the links and expression, and everything will works fine. Thanks

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      Wow, thanks. It’s very useful for me. I am very grateful to you. I really like your lessons, I am very happy that I found this site where work so professionals.

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        a.cangelosi says:

        Hi Anton, thanks for posting and thanks for your words. We hope to continue be useful to you and other users !

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    Ahmed Saleh says:

    thanks man you are awesome and your tutorials are so easy to understand, keep up the good work.

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks Ahmed. We are trying to do our best to release better and better things. If you have any request please ask for it, we are here to help all you guys !

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    Bobby Lin says:

    Ciao Alessandro

    Thank you for your tutorial. I was wondering if you could give me some advice on a burnout animation that I’ve been working on. I am having some difficulty with the end result. I have taken some pointers from your tutorial as well as some others. I decided to use four particle emitters (one for each wheel and have them rotate with the wheel and I set the pflow to emit 1 million particles because I’d like to render out in Krakatoa. But my end result is very ugly and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Could you please take a look at my post which is on http://forums.3dtotal.com/showthread.php?p=934368#post934368

    It would be truly awesome to get some input from a professional.

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi, and thanks for your comment. So the project you are working on, is really interesting, but we have to check it step by step. 1st of all I need to check the FumeFX simulation because it seems you are using it to drive the particles that will be rendered with Krakatoa, (in the meantime I can say you that 1 million particle is really low to achieve the result you are trying to obtain, but we’ll see later how to solve it). Maybe it can be a really nice idea to create a complete tutorial on Max Cookie to help you with it and give some information to all our users. What do you think about it ?

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        Bobby Lin says:

        REALLY? No way… That’s definitely the best news I’ve heard for a long time. It’s really more than epic I can’t believe you will actually put together a tutorial like that together. Thank you Alessandro!

        You are completely right about the workflow. However my emitter is a particle source and it is placed on the tire and linked to it making it rotate as the wheel rotates. So in this first scenario, it is different to your particular dust tutorial. Besides that I’m really using pflow for the main controls. So I’ve included a fumefx follow in pflow. I’ve noticed something strange. When I put the rate to 10 million, my particles in the viewport disappear and it renders blank but when I put it back down to 1 million, the particles reappear in viewport and the render shows the particles again. Don’t know why this is.

        Smoke off the tire’s really cool but I’m hoping and really wanting to show even greater detail with krakatoa.

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    Bobby Lin says:

    Ciao Alessandro!

    I bring some news. I am sure this is a simple thing for most people out there but for beginners like me I did not see the obvious mistakes that I was making until a recent youtube friend just pointed it out to me.

    The reason I have particles showing under the ground plane is because my emitter sometimes travels through the ground plane. Seeing as my emitter is stuck on the tire (halfway out), it will travel through the ground as it rotates. So I’m going to go with the way you have done it which is a small plane under the tires and above the ground that emits particles.

    And I should add udeflect to the car to make the particles realize that it should not travel freely through it. So far these are the two progressions I have on my problem.

    I’m super excited about the tutorial!

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      Bobby Lin says:

      Ciao Alessandro

      I really tried to make my scene better over the weekend but unfortunately I did not have much success.

      I realized that the thing that is attached to each tire is actually a ffx object source and the emitter was actually the tire itself. I pushed the ground plane completely below the tire so there is no penetration from the tire into the ground plane bur for some weird reason the particle still show below the ground.

      Yes the particle render does not look good at all. So sad.
      I turned on the viewport preview for smoke in the ffx rollout and it looks pretty good. It’s just that the particles do not follow ffx.

      If you are able to and I can appreciate if you don’t have the time but if you could, please check out my latest screenshots that are posted on my 3dtotal forum thread. I”d be truly grateful for your professional point of view.

      Hope you had a good weekend.

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        Bobby Lin says:

        Oh I’ve definitely hit a brick wall. I ticked the vorticity and velocity in the particle view rollout and the ticks in the viewport don’t seem to follow the smoke in the ffx simulation. Not only that, I’ve tried udeflector for the ground plane and ticks are still showing below the ground.

        I will have to play around with it some more…

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    Bobby Lin says:

    Ciao Allesandro

    Hey I’ve been following your tutorials for quite some time now. Just wanted to say thank you for teaching me and also I want to share my latest work with you. I used what I learnt in your vid in my work.


    Do you know how I can publicize it? I’d like to get more views and just so more people can see my work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!!!

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    shinep2001 says:

    hi a.cangelosi
    nice tutorial.. i am now wrking on a project which need tank movement in a a desert with smoke, sand dust etc. i m wrking in fumefx for maya 2014. can u pls give me correct directon. i m new in fumefx. its gonna be my first wrk in fumefx. thnks

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