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Exclusive: Creating a Fire Dragon with FumeFX

In this Citizen video for 3ds max, we’ll explore more FumeFX, and this time we’ll take a look at how to use it with deforming objects as an animatre character. We’ll pick the Dragon sample scene that can be found in the Sample DVD of 3ds max installation, and we’ll try to create an FX shot with a fire dragon emitting flames, smoke, dust, ashes, etc etc.

We’ll start creating the basic PFlow setup to emit particle ashes using some turbulent forces to move it in a more realistic way, then we’ll star preparing one FumeFX layer to emit dust/smoke from some area of the dragon body. We’ll work to tune speed and look, using a Noise map to decide where we have to emit smoke, then we’ll prepare the wavelet turbulence setup to prepare final pass. In part 2 we’ll prepare final smoke layer render, and ash passes to start comp it, then we’ll work on various fire passes.









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16 Responses to “Exclusive: Creating a Fire Dragon with FumeFX”
  1. Posts: 19
    Jack H says:

    Wow this is some really exciting stuff, thanks Alessandro.

      • Posts: 1
        Shayantan says:

        hey allesandro ! i want to know whether the skin of the dragon is made of smoke or not and what renderers and plugins are reqd

      • Posts: 1026
        a.cangelosi says:

        Sure, it will be completely made of smoke/fire, but it is just an introduction to see how to do something like that. In coming months we’ll release more in depth tutorials about creatures made of fire/smoke đŸ˜‰

  2. Posts: 16

    It will be very cool to see the final render animation to have an idea :)

    • Posts: 1026
      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi Silver, you are right, I’m rendering it and it will be posted soon. Actually I’m rendering same tutorial setup, so we’ll see step by step how it will proceed and evolve in coming video parts.

  3. Posts: 1

    Hey Alessandro!

    Can I get a final (short video) result of this tutorial?
    my email: michael84(at)ya.ru

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Posts: 4

    Hey Alessandro!

    Very Very good things u r doing for the people who dont know to create such effects very helpful site and u also god bless,i want to tell u something that plz make a tutorial of train engine smoke plz

    • Posts: 1026
      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi Gautam, thanks for your beautiful words. I’m trying just to prepare simple tutorial to see how to approach to complex vfx, soon we’ll take a look at complete complex vfx shots from zero ! Stay tune and thanks again

  5. Posts: 1
    Michael Listo says:

    Hi, this sounds like a really cool tutorial, but i was wondering if you could release like a preview video of the final product so i can make a more accurate decision as to whether i purchase a membership or not?


    • Posts: 1026
      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi Michael, you are right. Usually we released the final result. You can find the final clip for this video, it should be available on our FB pages too.

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