Nitrous Introduction

In this quick tip tutorial for 3ds max, we’ll start exploring 2012 new features. We’ll take a look at Nitrous, the new view port rendering system, that adds realistic and stylized visualization to 3ds max, we’ll see how to use its styles and features as toon shading, real time soft shadows, ambient occlusion, etc etc

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4 Responses to “Nitrous Introduction”
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    Peter says:

    Thanks a lot for introducing the new features!

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks to you Peter, we’ll add more tip videos to take a look at 2012 new features

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    juan pedro says:

    Encuentro superinteresante esta pagina.., aun que dudo mucho me gustaría saber por favor si es posible estos tutoriales en Español… muchas gracias

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi Juan, I don’t speak espanol, but I’m italian, so I think I can understand what you are writing… :) thanks for your comment. I think that actually it is impossible for us to do videos in other languages, main problem is that I speak just italian, and english, so I’m sorry, but hope that our videos can help you….if you have more suggestions or requests please contact us.

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