Path Deform

In this video tip tutorial we’ll see how we can use a spline to create a path and use it as curve deformer and animation path for a text mesh, simulating a simple squash&stretch effect useful in a simple motion graphic project for a TV id commercial. We’ll how to apply it, how to control the axis constraint and how to manipulate animation, stretching, rotation and twisting effects.

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4 Responses to “Path Deform”
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    Dominik Abart says:


    Short Question:)

    i would like to make a street with the help of an array along a spline but when it comes to a curve the array dosen`t follow my curve exactly.. how can i fix that?

    Maybe that`s not the right Place for my question but would be great if anyone can help me :)



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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi Dominik,

      have you tried new paint modeling features in 3ds max ? Maybe it can be a good way to help you


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    Dominik Abart says:

    now.. i`m new to max

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi Dominik, please follow us, we have a lot of basic tutorial, and we’ll release more in the future too


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