Tip: Volume Select Modifier

In this new tip tutorial for 3ds max, we’ll continue to talk about some modifiers, and this time we’ll talk about Volume Select. This modifier give us the possibility to select vertices or faces using various way. We have the possibility to use a “virtual” gizmo with a given shape, (box, sphere, cylinder), or a given 3D mesh modeled by us, or use a texture, or other features as material ID, smoothing groups, vertex color maps, etc etc.

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6 Responses to “Tip: Volume Select Modifier”
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    oliver says:

    cool nice tutorial. im only 11 and i has the student version of 3ds max its good

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi Oliver, you are young, but it is really interesting you are studying 3D stuffs !!!

      Good job !


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    McNistor says:

    People who still 3dsMax for animation probably never used Softimage or Maya. Every time I have to animate in 3dsMax I’m angry. This is the most retarded app for animation. Did I mention that viewport and performance are also shitty? It stops responding for a minute or so then goes back to normal. I have many applications and they work fine so my machine is alright.
    Thanks for your time put into promoting further this crappy animation program.
    (Yes, I’m in a break from animating in 3dsMax)

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      a.cangelosi says:

      3ds max Users knows about the animation problems. This part of 3ds max needs a lot of working to be fixed and updated and we hope something will happen soon in coming future releases. Autodesk own Softimage and Maya too, and you know they worked on features to make more simple working with both 3 packages together, so it is an other possibility to avoid major problems at the moment if you have too much problems in 3ds max. As you see actually we are mainly using 3ds max to show lighting, shading, rendering and FX tutorials, and still nothing so much about animation.Talking about viewport, actual viewport technology in 3ds max is really fast and with a really hi quality, if you have slowing issue with it is mainly due to some architectural problems with modifiers, animation, hidden objects etc etc, and you have to remember that 3ds max is still single core, just some areas are multi-core actually, so that’s an other speed problem we have.

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