Tip: Point Cache Modifier

In this new video tip tutorial for 3ds max 2010, we’ll take a look at Point Cache modifier, useful to save a file with the cached vertex position informations on a file. This modifier gives the possibility to work faster with animated meshes without the
need to still use Skin/Morpher and all the other animated modifiers, and it’s a perfect way to export/import animation datas from/versus Sofimage and Maya.

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12 Responses to “Tip: Point Cache Modifier”
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    acacaca says:

    your accent is terrible. please work on it, i can barely stand it and keep watching these tuts.
    please notice that tutorials quality is not bad, i just wish you would work on your accent

    • Posts: 71
      Wes Burke says:

      Thank you for your feedback and Alessandro is aware of the accent and is trying to improve so you may understand the lesson a bit more.

      I have blocked your other flagrant comments though as they are not any sort of constructive criticism. Also if you have ways we can improve also leave your real name/e-mail to attach to your feedback is always a plus.

      Hugs all around.

  2. Posts: 1
    mc says:

    whats going on here :)

    forget that idot man we dont have problem with your accent.. great tutos. thx

  3. Posts: 1
    Gabriel says:

    why are you complaing ? i can understand it perfectly ! congrats for the tuto

    • Posts: 1026
      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks guys for the comment, but thanks for critics too ! I know that my accent is not perfect, it is not so simple to talk perfecly in english here in Italy…but I’ll try to do my best !

  4. Posts: 2
    M. says:

    No!!! I love the italian accent, i understand it perfectly too! sometimes i can’t understand tutors with a heavy american accent, but this mediterean accent sounds really natural to me !

  5. Posts: 18
    Jin says:

    Hehe whats really going on here :) enjoy the great tuts Alessandro n wesburke are sharing with us.
    If you have any suggestion be humble when u make it, I understand what he says in the tut, I think that would suffice,.

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    J says:

    Hi! Thanks for the tutorials, they’re of great help! Btw your accent is just fine!

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    ck says:

    Hey! just wanted to leave a note saying thank you for great tut!
    though english is generally accepted as a global language, it is not a mandatory requirement to learn it, let alone speak it perfectly (as in to american accent i assume). i appreciate your effort making the tutorial in your “non native language” so more people can benefit from them.

    plus, just pay little attention, i honestly did not have trouble understanding the tutorial.

    thanks tmea!

  8. Posts: 7
    Alessandro Cangelosi says:

    Thanks guys for the support to my accent issue !

    I’ll do my best to have understandable tutorials for all.

    • Posts: 1026
      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks man :) I know that my accent is not perfect, but hope it is going better and better to be perfectly understandable by everyone.


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