Intro to: Quicksilver Hardware Renderer

In this tutorial for 3ds max 2011, we’ll continue to talk about the new feature set. This time we’ll take a deep look at Quicksilver Hardware renderer, so we’ll see how to use it, and how it works, parameter by parameter, trying to achieve a good result using standard Mental Ray lights and shaders. Quicksilver is a powerful GPU renderer useful for pre-visualization, preview, fast hi-quality rendering, it works using your GPU cards, and if you need it can use the CPU too to have a better anti-aliasing quality.

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4 Responses to “Intro to: Quicksilver Hardware Renderer”
  1. Posts: 4
    yurchak says:

    very useful tut, thanks

  2. Posts: 2
    zambest says:

    thenks, tutorial excellent!

  3. Posts: 1026
    a.cangelosi says:

    Thanks to you ! we’ll continue to work on a lot of projects !

  4. Posts: 1
    Steve says:

    One of the most complete on-line tutorials I’ve seen. Thanks and great job.

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