Creating an Aged Wall Part 1

In this new 3D Studio Max Tutorial we’ll start to talk about aging effect to achieve a more realistic result.

This tutorial series will be splitted in different part. In part 1 we’ll take a look at the basic simple modeling using
standard primitives, then we’ll start to prepare basic daylight illumination using MR Sky and MR Sun objects. We’ll
prepare a base scene using Arch&design shader to obtain a clean version of a urban wall and then we’ll start using composite maps and procedural maps as noise and gradient ramp to change its look adding aging effect, dirt area, broken area etc.

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18 Responses to “Creating an Aged Wall Part 1”
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    Sol says:

    Thanks a million Allessandro – totally what I have been looking for for a very long time.

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks !
      We’ll try to prepare more stuffs similar to this one.


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    stenionet says:

    Very good tutorial. Thanks.

    I think you could cut the time that it is rendering.

    Sorry for my English.

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi, thanks for your message and the suggestion.
      Your english is ok….. 😉


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    luiz says:

    Hello. Really his tutorial was very good, I learnt very much with him. Congratulations. You owed postair more any to teach laymen how I. It cost friend. Embraces

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      a.cangelosi says:

      Many thanks for your comment !


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        sorchin says:

        I downloaded this tutorial and have enjoyed it very much. However I am having problems with the Wall>Composite>Layer 5 Noise Mask. In the Noise Parameters section, the size is 25.0 (this is the downloaded Max file from your website). The viewport map and the “Show end result” map in the material editor are properly configured together. For example the viewport map shows properly how it will be rendered. However when I try to create the scene myself, for some reason the Noise map in the viewport and in the material editor don’t match up properly. I must bring down the size from 25.0 to about 2.0. When I do this it doesn’t show properly in the viewport map. I basically have to guess how it will look. The same holds true for the Displacement special purpose map. Your displacement is left at 1.0. I have to change mine to 0.03.
        Can you help me figure out my problem?

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    priapo says:

    Excelente tut. gracias …no he encontrado en toda la web algo tan claro y didactico.Muchas gracias, seguire todo lo que publiquen.Desde Argentina un abrazo.

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    Pretty nice tutorial, but it would be great to get Age Wall Part 2 !


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      a.cangelosi says:

      Hi, thanks for your comment. Part 2 is ready and will be released soon. Stay tuned for it

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    V Krish says:

    And why isn’t it possible to skip through the tutorial say to a particular time frame? Need to wait until it gets fully buffered.

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    alban rochet says:

    Thank you very much for this nice tutorial
    I’m going to follow your tutorial whith great pleasure
    Very usefull !

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