Tip: Look at Composite in 3D Studio Max 2011 (AKA Toxik)

In this new tip tutorial for 3ds max, we’ll take a look at Composite, (aka Toxik), a new “feature” that can be found in 3ds max 2011. We’ll see how we can create a simply 2 passes render, delivering a beauty pass and ambient occlusion pass.

Then we’ll go inside Composite and we’ll see how to create our 1st composition project, how to import images, use lens effects, and how to blend and comp two nodes to obtain final image. Final part is to check how to use output node to render final images..

*Note this tutorial is completed in 3D Studio Max 2011

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6 Responses to “Tip: Look at Composite in 3D Studio Max 2011 (AKA Toxik)”
  1. Posts: 2
    OddEyes says:

    great idea, to talk about the new features of max 2011
    havn’t seen the video yet, but i’ll do, when i gonna test the trail version

    • Posts: 111
      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks for your message.

      We’ll work on a lot of interesting projects around 3ds max 2011 !

      Stay tuned for it


  2. Posts: 2
    Nik Nastev says:

    Try to work on render passes, like light passes and so on, and composing them in composite 2011.

    • Posts: 111
      a.cangelosi says:

      In the near future we’ll prepare more stuffs for Composite 2011 with passes too…



  3. Posts: 2
    Cris says:

    Very nice. This really opened the box to what is new in Max 2011. Now I need to upgrade for sure after seen this implementation of “Composite”. It saves alot of prepost work, as well.

    • Posts: 111
      a.cangelosi says:

      Thanks again. Soon we’ll release some videos regarding new features inside 3ds max 2011, and we’ll prepare more tutorials about Composite too.


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