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Chicago Reference Package

Last year I hoofed it around the shoreline of Chicago here in the states, taking reference photos for this piece here. Though it was a rather cold day, and snow on the ground I gathered over 700 images. Not all of them were rock stars, but still a great variety of urban reference and textures.

I have bundled 120 of the better ones from that day and have include them here for you. These are not treated, corrected or even looked at by photoshop, but if you are need a parking meter reference, interesting scene to model, or referencing a building facade this package is great for that. It contains some skyline views, grungy photos, some interesting shapes and general cityscape photos.

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Chicago Reference Pack by Wes Burke is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
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      Wes Burke says:

      Thanks for the catch! I’ve just updated the source file download to include the pack. Link just to the right below the video. :)

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