Creating a Rock Shader

In this 3D Studio Max tutorial we will cover how to use procedurals to create a rock texture. We will cover: displacement tuning in mental ray, specularity properties, bump and displacement with stacked procedural to create cracks, rust, and bumpy structures over the surface. While also covering other procedural usage such as noise, smoke and cellular.

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2 Responses to “Creating a Rock Shader”
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    Dilen says:

    Hey can u temme what is the the number of illetrations for the bump map smoke is it 20 or 30 as u didnt mention and it couldnt be seen in the video.

    Thank you waiting for ur reply and if u can reply me here or my email .

    Dilen Shah

  2. Posts: 111
    Alessandro Cangelosi says:

    Hi Dilen, the Smoke that you can find in the bump slot has : Size = 2.0, Iterations = 10 and Exponent = 1.5…if you need more help please contact us again.

    thanks !

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