Wayne on his New Animation Course, Member Critiques, AMA

Live Stream Host: Kent Trammell
  • Difficulty:Beginner

This stream suffered from dropouts and limited bandwidth and is lower quality than usual. Sorry about that!

Wayne is going to be back on the stream to talk about his new animation course! Hint: It has something to do with animation and mouths... 🤐

This is the third animation course he's recorded, following Animation Bootcamp and Body Mechanics. Hear from Wayne about his motivation and philosophy behind creating this new chapter in his grand animation curriculum.

Additionally Wayne is offering animation critiques and AMA (ask me anything) about animation with Blender. Please submit your animations for critique and your questions to this community thread. You can count on animation tips o'plenty along the way. If you love animation, Blender, and Aussie accents, come join us!