Modeling Heavy Equipment: Backhoe (Part 5)

Live Stream Host: Kent Trammell
  • Software:Blender 2.83  ·
  • Difficulty:Advanced

TIPS for watching long streams

  • Speed up the playback! 1.5x speed - even 2x speed - is your friend. Or slow it down if you need.
  • Chapters have been added to the video player for your convenience. Just click the triple-horizontal-line icon in the player controls:

The mega collaboration...finished?!

Scheduling this stream 2 months in advance, it's plausible that we will be nearing completion of the whole model. My prediction is that during this stream we will be tying up lose ends and talking through finalizing our pieces.

A CGC Community Project

This complex model is a collaborative effort between instructor and Citizen members. If you're interested in the project please jump over to the Forum Thread to learn more!

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