Anatomy of CG Cookie Course Production

Live Stream Host: Kent Trammell

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Have you ever wondered how the CG Cookie crew produces courses? Ironically, it's something that we don't talk about much even though it occupies the majority of our professional time. Today we're talking about our process, the apps we use, the workflow, habits, things not to do.

If you'd like to peak behind the curtain of these courses you watch or you're interested in creating tutorials yourself, don't miss this stream!

Level 10

Rank: 3
Digital artist and member of the CG Cookie crew! Every day I teach/learn stuff in the wide world of computer graphics. I've been doing digital art professionally for the past 8 years, from feature films to major amusement park rides to TV commercials to CGC edu. When I'm not on the computer, I'm building real life stuff...or playing my Switch.

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