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Traditional Pencils

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  • Difficulty:Beginner

Understanding the Traditional Tools being used

These lessons will cover the materials and tools used throughout this course ad give an in-depth look at how and when to use them. We are covering only a fraction of traditional tools and mediums out there, so keep that in mind. I will cover Traditional Pencils, Mechanical Pencils, Sketchbooks, and Erasers. Never again will you be confused as to what the difference between a 4B and 6H pencil is. There is also a look at the difference between graphite and charcoal and what the benefits and flaws to each are. I will also include links to the tools you see as some of them you may only be able to find online:

  1. .2mm Mechanical Pencils - These are the thinnest size pencils meant for precision rather than shading - TokyoPenShop.com
  2. Mono Erasers - These are precision erasers that can either be a circle or rectangle shape on the tip - Tombow.com
  3. Elite Charcoal Pencil - This pencil is DARK and is great for creating close to black results when used - Amazon.com

Now you may find yourself leaning towards a different medium all together, such as pens or paints. There is no right or wrong tool to choose, it all comes down to personal preference. These overviews are a closer look at the tools I have found that fit my needs and I'm telling you now, it comes down to a lot of experimenting with trial and error!