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  • Software:Photoshop CC  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

Let's get DIRRRRRTY!

This last stage is also my favorite. Adding these extra details of grime, dirt, and scratches creates a deeper sense of character based on the questions that they can raise like: what terrain does this robot traverse upon, is he a battle robot, has he fought before, is he a newer model or older, etc. 

The more that the viewer can inquire about the character from subtle details such as this can greatly improve the overall presence. So be sure not to skip this stage but also not to go overboard. You want the textures to be present without being overwhelming! 

For the type of texture we are looking to add to this robot, here are a few to get you started:

  1. Scratches - Single or multiple scratch lines comprised of the metal being exposed underneath the finish. 
  2. Dents - Creating an area that feels pushed in or dented in can created a sense of combat.
  3. Paint Scratching Off - This can give a sense of time passing as this might just be the result of natural wear and tear.
  4. Dirt and Grime - This will show the environment he traverses upon. Mud, foliage, water damage, etc.