• Software:Photoshop CS6  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

1. Stick Figure Outlining I like to start out with a stick figure outline to get a general feel of the movement in the pose and create an interesting concept to develop. The main lines I try to set down are the shoulder line, hip line, and backbone line. From there I then add the arms and legs based on the proportions of the initial lines. 11   2. Anatomy Sketch Turning the stick figure layer’s opacity down I create a new layer and draw a quick anatomy outline on top. This helps me see the body in it’s full proportions and makes it easier to draw a clean outline on top.   22   3. Final Outline Sketch At this point I am using the hard-edge circle brush with only shape dynamics turned on and I am capturing a detailed outline with all of the main clothes and accessories in place. It is at this point that I would take the next step into adding color.   3