Sculpting Skin Texture

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Introduction to Clay Sculpting

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The focus of this course is to provide you with the knowledge to build your own detachable armatures and a sturdy armature stand without having to go out and buy them for a lot more money. We will also go over what you need to be aware of when posing your armature and how to securely affix it to the armature stand.   The next step is all about surface texturing and the various techniques needed to create convincing skin texture in form of wrinkles and pores. We will also take a look at various types of scars and their characteristics to help you to quickly add realistic effects to skin texture. You will learn how to tackle various types of hair styles so you can quickly give your figurine the desired hairdo, and we will look at different types of fur to convincingly texturize animals and creatures of your imagination. The last part revolves around texture stamps, those little helpers that aid in quickly covering large surfaces to prepare them for the final detailing stage. We will be making basic scales, stone and a fine sand structure.

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I studied at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne and graduated with honors in 2010. Ever since moving to the US the same year I have honed my sculpting skills and thoroughly enjoy "making things". Currently I'm a sculptor for maquette sculptures and I create limited edition resin kits that I sell on my website. And to top it all off nicely I am now having the pleasure of giving back to others interested in sculpture by sharing my techniques with you here on CG Cookie!