Rivet Walk Cycle – Most of It

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Watch this brief video to see what the course is all about!

Chapter 1: Developing Your Eye

Learning to animate is learning to see.

Chapter 2: Everything is a Bouncing Ball

Complex animation is a collection of its simple animations. And those simple animations can almost always be analyzed as bouncing balls.

Chapter 3: More Ball Animation Goodness

Not so fast - I'm not done teaching you everything there is learn from bouncing balls!

Chapter 4: Let's not forget Squash & Stretch

This is the last chapter focusing on ball animation. Who knew there was so much to learn from balls?

Chapter 5: Into the Character Realm

We're diving into characters at this point. In this chapter, we cover one more animation principle and introduce you to the VonnBots!

Chapter 6: Can you walk the walk?

Summon all your animation skills to create believable and appealing walk cycles for the Stomp and Rivet VonnBots.

Chapter 7: In Closing

Congrats on finishing the course! If you're wondering where to go from here, this video from Wayne answers that question.

Lesson Questions and Answers

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  • Replies: 1

    Subject: Rivet/Dope sheet summary/Acton editor: How can I get bones to show as groups as in “Rivet Walk Cycle_Most of It”? When I try to keyframe a bone, it shows broken down into location/rotations. Thanks.

    1 week ago

    • Replies: 0

      OK. Think I see it now. In key framing bar, select whole character, then click the key symbol.

      1 week ago

  • Replies: 1

    Hello Wayne! A question about your method translating the character through world space:

    Couldn’t one try to get all the animation done of the bipedal character first then once he’s finished simply use the Root of Rivet’s rig to translate him across the space instead of using his torso? You could use empties as guides for the feet moving along the space. Is this the wrong way to go about this? Thank you!

    6 months ago

    • Replies: 2

      I think that sounds like it would be the same as the ‘walk in place’ from the previous video.
      This method here is the way you would actually do it for a real production…but it wouldn’t be a cycle. Well you could start with a cycle but then vary it up so the character is walking and acting at the same time (if that makes sense).

      6 months ago

      • I see your point!

        I was just having a bit of trouble following along and thought of a temporary way of doing it but I will attempt this way as well for good practice!

        6 months ago

      • This way is much harder so if you struggle – just do it in place. Then practice, practice, practice.

        6 months ago