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  • Software:Photoshop CC  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

On to the rendering stage which comprises of equal parts patience and time. 

This stage is often considered to be the worst of many artists as it can be incredibly time consuming and can take a lot of dedicated effort for detailing and active thinking. There will be times your mind goes on auto pilot to create and that can be therapeutic, relaxing even. So understand that you aren't the only one who can get frustrated rendering out a piece. It WILL pay off in the end.

If you find yourself getting stuck at this stage. Take a moment to gather yourself and check to see: 

  1. Are you zooming in too much? Remember that it helps to stay zoomed out for as long as you can before going in and really adding that finesse. 
  2. Do you have reference pulled up? This can help you visualize how the end result should look rather than just guessing. 
  3. Is your lighting matching up? This can throw off the entire concept if the lighting is not consistent. You can't cheat lighting. 
  4. Are you rushing? This can easily make something look sloppy and unrefined. Take a break if you need to but don't skimp on the details.

Also, you should watch the previous lessons and complete the two exercises first before continuing with this lesson!