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Props & Environment Lighting

  • Software:Unity 5.4  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

15 Models = infinite possibilities

The beauty of working with modular assets is that it forces you to be creative by exploring how to put the same pieces together new ways. In this course, we'll design and build a crazy tower defense game level using the assets created in the Modeling Modular Game Assets course. Blueprint

What we'll cover:


  • Sketching the level
  • Planning which routs the enemies will take
  • Using modular assets as prefabs in Unity
  • Quickly building the level using vertex snapping
  • Working with an orthographic camera
  • The best way to organize the hundreds of objects
  • Lighting the level with lamps and the environment
  • Placing props to add extra detail

CC Music: Fading Things vox by Robbero & Seven by Bwatts