Getting Started with Digital Painting

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In this lesson, we cover the interface and its five main sections. These are the same for virtually any image editing software and you need to know them to find your way around.

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  • Hi, enjoyed the course, some great basic information but will you ever produce an equivalent course using GIMP?. I will never be able to afford photoshop so I need to learn how to be proficient with GIMP instead.

    Submitted 1 week ago by Stewart Maybery

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    • I work to try and make the tutorials non-software specific so even though I’m teaching in Photoshop, all the lessons and material can be applied to any software. I work with basic brushes and rarely use filters or Photoshop only tools to make sure artists working in any software can feel like the education can still apply to them!

      Submitted 1 week ago by Tim Von Rueden

  • I wanted to say Thank you for the Lessons and for including the Assignment file, it was very helpful to follow along and practice with. I am not by any means a traditional draw or painting artist and was hesitant to take this group of lessons but found it fun even though I use a mouse rather than a pen tablet.

    How did you create the dabs of color on the canvas to use with the eyedropper? I have not seen that that demonstrated before. I enjoyed using it and hope to be able to set something up and uses it in that manner again.

    Great lessons, Thank you!

    Thank you!

    Submitted 2 weeks ago by [email protected]

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  • For digital art do I need a graphics tablet or am I ok with a mouse?

    Submitted 4 weeks ago by James Crofts

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    • Its worth getting a tablet I’m rocking a Ugee EX07 its great for the price like 70 bucks on amazon and its a 6 x 8 area.

      Submitted 3 weeks ago by artwithjustin

  • What was the shortcut for changing size and hardness of the brush depending if you took your mouse to the left, up, down, or right?

    Submitted 4 weeks ago by Thim Hansen

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    • Hey there, I explain the shortcut in the free blending tutorial starting at :36 seconds! You definitely want to memorize this shortcut!

      Submitted 2 weeks ago by Tim Von Rueden

  • Do you have any suggestions on how to choose the appropriate resolution for the canvas? I’ve always had a hard time understanding resolution. I always seem to either estimate too low, and can’t seem to get crisp lines and details, or way too high, and I make my laptop lag or crash. (I’ve been using GIMP 2.8 and 4 GB of RAM, if that affects the situation at all). I noticed you said canvas size would be address later in a customization lesson, but I didn’t see one right off. I’m not sure if that lesson isn’t uploaded yet, or if it’s somewhere I forgot to look, or what, but I wanted to start practicing and I didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot. Thanks!

    Submitted 4 weeks ago by vassternichdrauka

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    • It’s a tutorial we have to still post but as a general rule, stick to 300 dpi resolution and work on files larger than 8 inches (usually 11 x 14 is a good starter). Usually this works best for any given situation!

      Submitted 2 weeks ago by Tim Von Rueden

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