Getting Started with Digital Painting

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In this lesson, we cover the interface and its five main sections. These are the same for virtually any image editing software and you need to know them to find your way around.

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  • Do you have any suggestions on how to choose the appropriate resolution for the canvas? I've always had a hard time understanding resolution. I always seem to either estimate too low, and can't seem to get crisp lines and details, or way too high, and I make my laptop lag or crash. (I've been using GIMP 2.8 and 4 GB of RAM, if that affects the situation at all). I noticed you said canvas size would be address later in a customization lesson, but I didn't see one right off. I'm not sure if that lesson isn't uploaded yet, or if it's somewhere I forgot to look, or what, but I wanted to start practicing and I didn't want to start off on the wrong foot. Thanks!

    Submitted 1 day ago by vassternichdrauka

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