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  • Software:Blender 2.77  ·
  • Difficulty:Intermediate

The Second Stop in a Game Character's Journey

The second stage of our game character's production is Sculpting. This is where we quickly and artistically build out a 3D translation of the 2D artwork. Sculpting is so valuable for this second stage because of its flexibility and artistic inclination.

Authentic Translation

Sometimes this transition from 2D to 3D can result in a model that's inspired by the art rather than being a realization of the art. As a stylized character, The Wrangler's design is very specifically crafted. So we're not going to treat it like a suggestion. Rather we're going to do our best to fulfill it truthfully.

It's our job as 3D artists to accurately capture the design in three-dimensional space.

Sculpting with Games in Mind

It's important to remember the purpose of your sculpture. With games, this means the character will be retopologized for optimum mesh performance and the detail harvested in the form of normal map textures. Therefore it's important to shape your character so it works best in the game production pipeline. 

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