Face and Hair

  • Software:Photoshop CS6  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

The next step I like to take with a character after the base colors are all set, is working on the face and hair. Throughout this tutorial I will be switching back and forth between the face and hair to keep the level of detail cohesive throughout the process. 1. First I clean up the area around the face and hair and since I like to work on one layer I merged the line-art and color base layer together. 12 2. I work back and forth from the hair and face to keep the level of detail similar between the two. 21 3. Working with keeping the facial structure in proportion along with keeping the hair in shapes. 31 4. Continuing pushing the details along with re-adjusting the hair movement. 41   5. Finishing up the rendering on the face and hair. 51