Creating Blender Mesh Objects

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  • Software: Blender 2.73
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If you're new to 3D and have watched the Blender Basics tutorials,  you might be thinking of what the next step is for you and Blender. Mesh modeling, sometimes called Polygonal Modeling, is the method we use to construct 3D objects of all shapes and sizes. It is the starting point for most things you'll do in 3D. 

Whether your goal is to create compelling characters for film, creating architectural visualizations or even game environment assets, you will need to starts with modeling. Blender has a very powerful and fast modeling toolset that can be used for creating just about any 3D object you may need. This Blender course will teach you the fundamental skills and tools that are essential to becoming a modeler. You will learn:

  • How to create mesh objects with primitive shapes
  • The difference between Object mode and Edit mode
  • How to manipulate mesh forms and structure
  • Methods of mesh selection and selection tools
  • Many of the fundamental modeling tools essential for success
  • Adjusting mesh visibility for more efficient workflow
  • Working within Global and Local Space for greater control
  • The difference between objects and mesh data, and how to share that data

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I'm a fan of clean and effective mesh topology for 3D modeling. I really enjoy designing artist-friendly tools, such as my RetopoFlow toolset for Blender. Homebrewing beer is quickly becoming a favorite past time, and I'm the co-founder of CG Cookie. I'm also a Blender Foundation Certified Trainer.