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Getting Started with Digital Painting

The Basics - Quiz

Do you think you have the basics down? Take our quiz to double-check.

The brush is the most essential digital art tool you will be working with. Let’s become familiar with it and learn how to change its settings.

You can download the BASIC brushes we have to offer here:

You can download the full set of brushes we offer on our shop here:

Lesson Questions and Answers

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  • Where does one find the custom brushes mentioned in this video? Is there a separate set for citizen members?

    Submitted 3 months ago by Ryan Sweeney

    No answers yet
    • Ah! I found what I needed in the “Resources” section in the side navigation bar. And there is an extended brush set for $5 from Tim as well!

      Submitted 3 months ago by Ryan Sweeney

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