• Software:Photoshop CS6  ·
  • Difficulty:Beginner

Drawing a Female Character Series Part 5 – Accessories The Accessories are typically one of the last additions on a character that I add. I will look at the character and try to create accessories that fit the overall personality and fit the context of the character. In this tutorial I take you though adding accessories and give tips about how to detail along the way. Texture additions are also important for the extra detail. 1. Add accessories that are appropriate for the character. I go through and add different elements that I feel are fitting for the character, but not all the accessories will end up in the final result. 111 2. Work dark to light I will normally lay down darker base colors for each additional accessory and then work my values up with lighter values. 22 (1) 3. Dark and Light lines My biggest tip for detailing, is to do a “dark” line to indicate an indentation, and then a “light” line to edge it off in whichever direction the light is coming from to make it pop. 33 4. Detailing Try to push your detailing work everywhere throughout the character even though it can be time strenuous. 45 And now the accessories are added for “Red”! Accessories