Sculpting with clay is messy, time consuming and incredibly awesome.

In the world of sculpting, true artistry lies at your fingertips! Earn a profound, real-life understanding of space, proportions and anatomy.

Go beyond digital creation and sculpt that magic dragon you've always dreamed of.

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Learn Clay Sculpting the Smart Way, At Your Speed

Follow a learning flow, connect with us via live streams, or explore our full library on your own.

From mold to casting, sculpting is beautiful

You’ll love exploring the properties of clay, building a spidery armature and casting your very own sculpture.

Have a Sculpting question? Join a community of characters, err artists.

With a long-running trainer crew and a tight-knit community, we want to get to know you. Warning: the cookieholics never sleep!

Test what you’ve learned with peer graded exercises

Make your new knowledge stick. Complete quizzes, take interactive exercises and get peer feedback to skyrocket your skills.

Need tools and clay? Check out the all-in-one SculptBox

Buying supplies is overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created SculptBox with everything you need to get started today.

Practice an Eye for Detail

Skin pores, hairs, scars, animal fur? Check! Masterful sculpting is all about the little things. Learn the tricks to make them come to life.

Share your work onthe gallery to get peer feedback and internet street cred. 😉

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Clay artists like you make CG Cookie their choice for learning.

“The material CG Cookie provided helped me and my students learn how to use Blender at a level that assisted us in winning the state round of the SkillsUSA competition in 3D visualization and animation.”

Scott Kaczynski, High School Computer Animation Instructor

“Within the first week at my studio job, I made enough money to cover 3 years of my previous CG Cookie membership. That's insane when you think about the mountains of debt people leave higher education with!”

Glen Johnston, CG Artist

Clay Sculpting F.A.Q.

  • Why does a digital art website teach clay sculpting?

    We live and breathe digital art, but we also strongly believe that to create the best 3D model or game, you need to know how to make something real. By offering easy, step-by-step training for clay sculpting, we make it accessible to digital artist and help them push their skills in the real world.

  • Doesn’t clay sculpting take forever to learn?

    Unlike 3D, clay sculpting is a direct creation process. There is no software between you and your subject - which is why even toddlers can make things out of playdoh. The techniques are intuitive and the initial learning curve is fast.

  • Can I apply clay sculpting techniques to digital art?

    Sculpting follows the universal rules of art, but without the shortcuts provided by a software package. Sculptors need to understand form and proportions, know how to create realistic textures, and have a profound understanding of anatomy. Explore the right techniques in clay to get better at using them in a digital medium.

  • What will I need to learn sculpting basics?

    A basic type of clay and a few select tools are all you need to learn the fundamental techniques. For sculptors who want to get started fast and take it further, we have put together a curated SculptBox, a clay sculpting starter kit with all the tools and materials you will need even for advanced projects.

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