Learning Flow:

Animation in Blender

Making stuff move! The illusion of motion is both a science and an art form. In this Flow, you will learn from several artists' workflows, tips, and tricks. Everything you need to understand about bringing your 3D models and characters to life with Blender.

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Learning Flow Prerequisites

Take these courses before getting started to ensure success.

Animation Essentials with Wayne Dixon

Learn from professional animator, Wayne Dixon, as he explains and demonstrates the art of character movement with Blender.

Rigging Focus

You've already been exposed to animation "rigs" in the previous section. Just as a body can't move without a skeleton, nor a car without an engine, complex models need a "rig" to move in 3D/Blender. Rigging is largely a technical skillset that serves to prepare a model for complex movement.

Animation in Practice

Further rigging and animation workflow from a variety of artists including Beorn Leonard, Nathan Vegdahl, and Kent Trammell.