This is an exercise submission on the exercise Mesh Modeling Exercise 01

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Exercises are a great way to test what you've learned given certain restraints, while getting feedback from your peers. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

  • Greg McKim (doulos4iesou)

    Good job

  • Kevin Gibbs (kev11985)

    Interesting shapes!

  • silentheart00

    Good job, I like your shapes. For the box, it looks like you used a bevel, but there weren't enough segments, so it looks more like a chamfer when you look at it from the side. Your cone shape is missing its top and bottom faces. I don't know what happened there, but you can fix that by selecting the edges and pressing F. Make sure when you do that, you're following good topology flow so you can save yourself some pain and tears later. Your sphere is good, except the bottom. You extruded an edge to make it look like that was the base, but you left the covered part of the circle intact. Not sure what you were going for, but I'm guessing you meant to create a base. Try deleting the faces you don't want, extruding the edge loop, and then repairing the faces for the bottom. Treat everything as if someone is going to look in the nook and crannies for flaws because they will. Good start, just tighten up on those novice mistakes in the future. Keep going!

  • Kees Visser (kees2357)

    Looks good, well done!

  • ltweed

    I have published it now. Not sure how I missed that. Thanks for the notes.

  • Yves Perera (shinsaku)

    Uploading your model on Sketchfab is not enough. You need to publish it in order for others to see it. If not it stays private.

  • Mark Smith (me1958424)

    scene not published...
    please see rule #3