Arcing Bouncing Ball

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  • Yves Perera (shinsaku)

    Good job!

  • Nestor Arellano (asoretzu)

    Thanks, me1958424. waylow I really appreciate your feedback. Like you say I need to develop my xray vision. :D

  • crew
    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Not bad Nestor, not bad.

    Here’s a couple notes to help you improve on this one...
    -The entry is very evenly spaced and a little too round. This should still look like the other bounces even though there is just half of it in view.
    -try to make the first two bounces a little higher, they are just a little flat on the top.

    And the rest of the small issues will become visible to you when you develop your xray animation vision over time.
    You are well on the right path so keep it up.

  • Mark Smith (me1958424)

    exercise accomplished...
    looks like arc bouncing...
    good work.