Melvin Sculpt (in alternate Hulk form)

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  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel (jlampel)

    Ahahaha that's amazing. Not quite what we were after, but it's clear you're getting comfortable with the tools. I'd argue that rule 2 is respected here since you've kept the original 2D style. Pass!

  • Aunnop Kattiyanet (aunpyz)

    Wow! Very nice muscular Melvin :)

  • randomfraff

    This is my favourite Melvin to date but as others and yourself have said, it doesn't respect rule 2. I'd do a traditional Melvin for the exercise and then texture this brute and put him up in the gallery cause he looks great!

  • Matt Dickun (az93)

    It was good practice, but sculpting it again would give you even more practice.

  • Mark Smith (me1958424)

    this is good work...
    please see rule #2 (authentic translation...)

  • Anton Bobrowski (antby)

    @shinsakuIt works now, thanks for help!)

  • Yves Perera (shinsaku)

    There is an error 404. This most probably means that you've used the short URL that Sketchfab gives you when submitting your exercise on CGC. Instead, try using the long URL that's in your navigator searchbar. To change the URL used by CGC, clic on the "Edit Exercise Submission" button on the top right of this window. ;)