Robo Orb

This is an exercise submission on the exercise Completing the Robo-Orb Retopology

This submission has passed!

Exercises are a great way to test what you've learned given certain restraints, while getting feedback from your peers. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

  • hapit

    Some poles I don't understand.

  • Matt Dickun (az93)

    Can't see the geometry, not sure if you meet rule three.

  • Mark Smith (me1958424)

    exercise accomplished...
    looks like all quads, nice edges...
    (subsurf or poly count a bit too high)
    good work.

  • Yves Perera (shinsaku)

    Some places are a bit pinched on the front side and the evenness could be better in some areas bit this is good enough to pass. Well done!