Simple Wheel

This is an exercise submission on the exercise Modeling a Wheel

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Exercises are a great way to test what you've learned given certain restraints, while getting feedback from your peers. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

  • Yves Perera (shinsaku)


  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel (jlampel)

    Nicely done! I'd echo Matthew about the topology, but for the exercise it's definitely a pass.

  • Mark Smith (me1958424)

    exercise accomplished...
    all parts are here (rim not complete), clean array, nice design...
    (subsurf or poly count way too high on rim)
    good work.

  • Tinashe Tsuro (fakeyeezys)

    Thanks for the feedback brother, I'll work on it :D

  • Matthew Fricker (frikkr)

    Good effort, I feel that it would have been nice if you modelled the inside of the wheel and the back of it, and also I'm not sure about how everything just merges together in the centre. Finally, try to make things like the holes for the bolts perfectly circular so other parts don't crash through, it will make a huge difference to your model quality. :)