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This is an exercise submission on the exercise Texturing a Sci-Fi Motorcycle

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  • drakewho

    Thanks frikkr! I appreciate the feedback.

  • Matthew Fricker (frikkr)

    Wow, a nice original idea. Great work. As Adrian says , it looks a little too clean and perfect but otherwise amazing work! 

  • drakewho

    Thanks adrian2301! The framing/setup of the image gave me the impression of a posed shot, so to go with that I decided to texture the bike in a pristine state, like the bike is being shown off in it's perfect state. But, I totally agree adding those elements you mentioned would add more realism. I just couldn't bring myself to smudge the bike XD.

    I did use the compositing denoiser (with it turned off in the render settings) and it was still smoothing out some fine details if the resolution wasn't high enough. I'm guessing the really fine bump textures had some similar features to noise, so the denoiser smoothed it out, or maybe it just created a noisy area causing lots of denoising in that area which smoothed out the bump texture as a side effect, although I'm not sure if it's the latter because turning up the number of samples didn't seem to prevent it, but turning up the resolution did.

  • crew
    Adrian Bellworthy (adrian2301)

    Excellent work. Great creativity. Only point is it is very clean, some dirt/dust/grease/fingerprints are needed to reach the next level.

    You mention the denoiser, have you tried denoising in compositing?

    HERE is where I have explained how (You may need to scroll down a little). You can use this method with denoising unchecked in the properties menu. You potentially get faster rendering with lower samples and a better denoising result.