Blazing Lava

This is an exercise submission on the exercise Create a Procedural Lava Shader

  • glenng910

    Thank you for the comments.   I will submit another version with those corrections in mind.

  • crew
    Adrian Bellworthy (adrian2301)

    Great work,

    This is a very tough exercise, I like your result, you done well.

    A couple of points to take it up a level.

    I think you could increase the emission strength and make it glow a little. The bump I suggest perhaps decrease the scale of the texture node a little, I think this will help the rock look less like stones and more like, well rock! but not too much.I think the roughness maybe ok, or increase a little, perhaps the light is a little bright.

    Well done, keep going onto the next chapter 👍

  • Matthew Fricker (frikkr)

    Good work, you are on the right lines but here are some notes on how to improve it : 

    The rock material probably needs the bump/displacement intensity dialled down and it is a little glossy. 

    The lava colours are nice , but you need to crank up the emission a lot so they actually emit light and also add some glow/bloom in post processing - look at some of the other submissions for this exercise that use that technique and you will see how well it works! 

    Keep up the good work!