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This is an exercise submission on the exercise Texturing a Sci-Fi Motorcycle

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Exercises are a great way to test what you've learned given certain restraints, while getting feedback from your peers. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel (jlampel)

    This looks awesome, nice job! The thing that stands out to me is where there appears to be seams or shading errors on the front. I'm not sure whether that's a grime texturing thing or a normal map thing, but it could be worth investigating. 

  • Jens (yevon)

    frikkr Thank you for your feddback, you are right. A few more red details would improve the Artwork. 

    adrian2301: Thank you

  • crew
    Adrian Bellworthy (adrian2301)

    Excellent work, well done

  • Matthew Fricker (frikkr)

    Nice work , looks really good. Personally , I would maybe break the yellow up a bit with more of the red or another colour as I think it is a bit much. Keep up the good work!