Sci-Fi Motorcycle Texture Submission

This is an exercise submission on the exercise Texturing a Sci-Fi Motorcycle

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Exercises are a great way to test what you've learned given certain restraints, while getting feedback from your peers. Plus, they're a lot of fun!

  • ryanocerous777

    jlampel Thanks for the great course and the feedback!

  • crew
    Jonathan Lampel (jlampel)

    This is looking really really slick! Thanks for the thorough description, and since you asked for suggestions to improve I'll go through each material. 

    Damaged Rubber - Looks great! The pockmarks are just the right size and the whole thing just feels like rubber. To push this to the next level I would try decreasing the strength of the bump just a bit and introduce some color variation for where the tire is more likely to be worn. You could use the pointiness output of the geometry node to lighten up the areas around the treads just a bit. Add some wear right down the center with a slightly lighter grey and I think you'd be golden. 

    Carbon Fiber - Looks awesome on the body, but on the wheels it feels strange how it's almost perfectly vertical and horizontal. Other than that, I think the bump is just too strong and it's causing the reflections to be overly dark. If you want to check out a procedural version that uses the anisotropic shader to get fairly close to simulating the real thing, it's in the Shader Forge course. 

    Blue Car Paint, Black Metal, and Chrome - All look great to me! Something about the colors of the chrome looks un-metallic to me, but I'm not 100% sure. 

    Seat Leather - It might just look bright because it's right next to some pretty dark materials and because of the lighting, but you can always turn down the specular value for dielectric materials to reduce the highlight for artistic purposes if necessary. 

    Blue Plastic, Grey Plastic, Decal - Awesome job on these! 

    Rough Plastic - Good, but the bump is definitely too strong and uniform across the surface, so it looks more CG than the other materials. 

    Overall, great work! Congrats on finishing the course and crushing this monster of an exercise! 

  • ryanocerous777

    adrian2301 thanks for the advice and tips. I will check all those next time I'm at that machine. 

  • crew
    Adrian Bellworthy (adrian2301)

    Overall looks great. The leather seat, you used image textures, check your normal texture map is set to non-color, and also for roughness, did you use a specular map? if not try lowering the value to about 0.2, the default of 0.5 is a little high in my opinion.

  • ryanocerous777

    frikkr Thanks! What could I have done to make the quality better? 

  • Matthew Fricker (frikkr)

    Nice work , the colours work well together and overall it is visually appealing :)