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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Good stuff NurkNurk.

    I wish you had the frame counter on this one so I could accurately point out some polishing notes for you.  But here goes anyway.

    -the ball is just slipping at the start for no reason.  Try to keep his 'feet' stuck in the same spot.

    -also try to keep the stretch in-line with the path of action of the jumps.  It isn't leaning over quite far enough.

    -on the first landing, keep the top of the ball moving fast and don't instantly slow the spacing down.  You want to keep that momentum moving as he is trying to slow down.

    -on the big jump, you can stretch more.

    -on the platform landing, increase the spacing gap near the ground (it's too even), don't let the feet slide around and also think about the momentum of the top of the ball. When you solve this in the other landing, you will know how to do it for this landing too.  (it;s very similar). However, watch out for the arc as he bounces here.  It should arc all the way in the air, but it stops and then starts moving again in the air. (hope that makes sense)

    -all the little jumps on the platform feel a little light and floaty because the spacing gap near the ground is not the biggest.

    -then when he is jumping off the end of the platform make sure the spacing is large as he gets airborne.  It starts slow and then speeds up.

    But well done Nurkage, keep up the hard work!