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    Wayne Dixon (waylow)

    Hey Akalebart, good work.
    Here's a few more notes to help you push your skills further.

    -check the spacing near the ground at f06. Can you see that this spacing gap is actually smaller than f07?
    (and the same on the other side of the arc)
    -Actually, check for that same issue on all the arcs.
    -with the straight vertical jump at f86, make sure the top of the ball doesn't slow down before it takes off, It should accelerate from the squash at f83
    -also track the top of the ball at f89. The spacing should be tight at the top and slow in/out but it hits and invisible ceiling and bounces back down. The spacing in this jump is very linear and it slows down before hitting the ground as I mentioned above.
    -f121 the ball sticks to the ground and then takes off
    -f124 it just pops to the ground. Make sure it slows in/out at the top of the arc.
    -And the last big jump has the same issues that I have already mentioned.

    The biggest thing to control is the spacing in the jumps. Big spacing gaps at the bottom, small spacing gaps at the top. Once you solve the problem on one of the jumps, it's actually the same solution for all the others, if you know what I mean.

    Keep up the hard work!